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Lots of our holidays at self catering properties have been ruined by uncomfortable beds and/or pillows.  As we work hard all year a holiday should be a time of restful sleep and lie-ins! 

We bought the most comfortable Sealy mattress, Egyptian cotton bed linen and best duvet we could find. All of our linen goes to the laundry and is washed at 60 degrees, using Ariel,  which we cannot use as we have a septic tank.  Unfortunately this ruined my very expensive 500 thread count Linea sheets - do wash them at 40 degrees as stated, they shrink at higher temperatures.

Our duvet offer is a woollen Devon Duvet (we have both 300g and 600g), Nimbus feather and down, or a John Lewis 'Breathe' synthetic.  The mattress protector is also wool which is dust mite resistant.  

Our first guests to sleep under the Devon Duvet said they had the best ever 'first' night's sleep in a strange bed.  You are warm before you go to sleep, my husband is delighted with ours.

Our bed linen is Egyptian cotton, we supply two sets of hand/medium/bath size towels - and this year we are supplying two beach towels.

However, pillows are very individual, and you are welcome to bring your own, or choose from the following selection when you phone me with your arrival times.

I do not use pillow protectors as I find them too bulky and launder the pillows regularly instead. 

Standard offering

Devon duvets original wool pillows


Nimbus/Snuggledown Luxury Goosefeather and Down

Aerelle Pillow by Snuggledown of Norway - medium 

The bed will be made with your choice if you state when booking.

I have been asked by several guests for information on our Devon Duvets which I purchased from John Lewis.  The organic range was launched after I had purchased it and I hope to buy an organic 300g Spring/Autumn.  

See the end of this article for information and links  - the advantages of this brand is that the sheep are shorn, not slaughtered, (I am no longer happy to buy feathers following exposure of the horrifying barbarity of  'live plucking' geese and ducks in Hungary) you are instantly warm before you fall asleep, they are dust and mite resistant so perfect for allergy sufferers, they can be washed and dried in the sunshine,  and can be recycled. 

I saw that Tesco have started manufacturing a range of inexpensive woollen duvets and telephoned to find out the source of their wool and it is from Poland.  I am not convinced that EU directives on animal welfare are adhered to there and will continue to purchase the Devon Duvets range.

We are also delighted to invest in UK industry and reduce our carbon footprint.

See Media reports here

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100% Wool filled duvet in a natural cotton casing

    * Pure Wool filled duvets
    * All our duvets are British - including the wool, labelling and packaging
    * Resists dust mites and can help to relieve allergies
    * Soft, natural cotton casing
    * Responsible and sustainable - Handcrafted in Devon with a low Carbon footprint
    * Natural alternative to synthetic and down
    * Available to buy online

Devon Duvets are natural with a 100% wool filling and are encased in soft cotton.
We use wool from breeds of Texel sheep, reared by British farmers and each fleece is given willingly by the original owner, the sheep, which after shearing still wanders free in green pastures.

We consider our Devon Duvets to be a responsible, sustainable, quality and value for money product that provides a natural alternative for those wishing to move away from synthetic products. It is also a good alternative to down and feather for people who like to choose an animal friendly product.

The unique and natural properties of wool resist dust mites and could help to relieve
allergies or asthma.

Our duvets breathe and the natural cotton casing allows this process letting the body regulate its own temperature. In view of this most people achieve a more peaceful and deeper sleeping experience.

They can be machine washed on a wool setting and line dried. They will retain their
light fluffiness.

Two weights, Summer and Spring/Autumn can be bought separately and fastened together
with a discreet system to make a cosy Winter weight.

The wool used in a Devon Duvet is cleaned and processed locally and is not bleached.
Our duvets are handcrafted by seamstresses in Devon and therefore each one is unique.

In addition to many of the materials and the production of our duvets, all of our
packaging and labelling is produced in Britain which supports our economy.

Purchasing a Devon Duvet is the perfect way to lower your carbon footprint.

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