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A brief history of Warkworth Railway Station, Northumberland, United Kingdom 

Warkworth Railway Station and Station Master's house and the adjoining Station Porter's house were designed by Sir Benjamin Green and built for The Newcastle and Berwick Railway in 1847.     

Newcastle and Berwick Railway (N&BR)  opened in 1847 from Tweedmouth, joining the Newcastle and North Shields Railway at Heaton Junction. The N&BR also opened the extension from North Shields to Tynemouth old station NZ3669. 

In the same year (1847) the N&BR was taken over by the Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway, which soon became part of the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway. The High Level Bridge opened in 1849 over the River Tyne, joining Gateshead and Newcastle. 

Newcastle Central Station was linked to Manors on the former Newcastle and North Shields Railway. 

The Royal Border Bridge opened in 1850, crossing the River Tweed into Berwick Station. In 1854 the YN&BR became part of the North Eastern Railway (NER). The route is now part of the ECML. 

There were derailments at the sharp curve south of Morpeth Station in 1969 and 1984. 

Route via Berwick upon Tweed, Royal Border Bridge, Tweedmouth, Scremerston, Goswick, Beal, Smeafield, Belford,Lucker Water Troughs, Lucker, Newham, Chathill, Fallodon, Christonbank, Little Mill, Longhoughton,Lesbury Viaduct, Alnmouth, Warkworth, Acklington, Amble Junction, Chevington, Widdrington, Longhirst, Pegswood, Morpeth, Netherton (later Stannington Station), Plessey Viaduct, Plessey, Cramlington, Annitsford, Killingworth, Benton (later Forest Hall Station), Benton Quarry Junction and Heaton Junction. 

Warkworth Station closed to the public in 1958 but continued to transport cattle and goods until it finally closed in 1962. It was left to fall derelict until the 1970's,  and everything inside was taken by the railways or people.  We were pleased to be given the 'door knobs' by a local, whose Dad had bought him here as a child  to see what was worth salvaging.  

A private purchaser bought both the station and the adjoining land and orchards, which he subsequently sold on.

Thank you to Graham Temple for obtaining the following from a gentleman's private collection - and thank you to the gentleman for waiving copyright.  27 May 2013.  You can just see the uprights holding the canopy of the Gentleman's Waiting Room, which are now incorporated into the kitchen.

See the following link for a fantastic photo of the Dominion of Canada, Mallard's 'sister' at our signal box - see above - on the wrong side so must have been engineers working on the line, thanks to George for the heads up 

A big thank you to John Young's father for allowing me to display his personal photo of the Flying Scotsman LNER 4472 travelling north past our house on May 25th 1968 - the station was empty and falling into disrepair at this time.  John was just 3 at the time, in his mother's arms.  Steam tours still pass us - if you've never been on one I recommend them highly, a fantastic day out.

From the north platform.  According to an article in the newspaper around the 1870's it was very dangerous to walk up to the station as pedestrians were in danger of being dragged under the wheels of the horse and cart and had to hang onto the hedge when they went by.  I'll find the article - someone living in the village donated monies to put 'metal chippings' onto the surface of the road, which I can only assume was a mud track.

From the south platform.  The Waiting Rooms can be seen at the very end of the house - the canopy uprights are now built into the kitchen.

Railway Links

Some really nice tours planned, photo opportunities at Alnmouth Station as well as 'Wooden' occasionally - 

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A nice video by Phillip Bull of Tornado at Bluebell Railway - 

You need Flash Player in order to view this.

4469 Gadwall/Sir Ralph Wedgwood - click for link to LNER site

Thanks to George Moffat for this photo at our local railway station, a sad loss in 1942 when bombed.

I'm going to display any photographs of the stations on the line here - thanks to George Moffat for this one of Little Mill

Thank you to Doug Spratt for allowing me to display these marvellous postcards of the LNER Camping Coaches, I bought the posters at the NRM but I've never seen real photographs before.

I've just bought this postcard of the NER new electric train.  Entitled 'The first train Newcastle to Benton on Tuesday March 29th 1904'.  I can't see any overhead lines though?

  12 June 2014.

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